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  • Coco King Premium Quality Coco 50 Litre
  • Coco King Premium Quality Coco 50 Litre

Coco King Premium Quality Coco 50 Litre

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Premium quality Coco Coir Growth Medium
The King of Coco Coir


1.5 cu ft // 50 litres

This 100% natural hydroponic growing medium is processed in Australia, and every sack of COCO KING has been manufactured to the exacting standards of our unique 3 step manufacturing process:

Recommended for Professional Hydroponic Growing Promotes Healthy Root System & Lush Green Foliage Highly porous & excellent drainage



Ec: (mS/cm) - 0.4(+/_) 0.2
pH: 6.5 (+/- ) 0.5
Air filled porosity: 21%
Total water Holding Capacity: 68.5%
Wettability: <0.1min
Bulk Density: 100 kg/m3


Density Screening 
We check that the strands of coir are uniform in scale and density, no nasty lumps of coir in COCO KING!

COCO KING Coir is then washed in RO Water, removing all impurities and any unwanted sodium content.

COCO KING Coir is then calcium treated (buffered) which helps increase cation exchange capacity. 

COCO KING Coir is then charged with exacting amounts of calcium to replace the  sodium and potassium.


Iron / 20 mg/L
Copper / 0.4 mg/L
Zinc / 1.1 mg/L
Manganese / 1.1 mg/L
Boron / 0.14 mg/L
Chloride / 27 mg/L
Calcium/Magnesium Ratio / 10
Potassium/Magnesium Ratio / 1.1
N as Ammonium ions / 1.0 mg/L
N as Ammonium + nitrate ions <5.0mg/L
Nitrogen Drawdown Index / 0.9-
Phosphorus / 2.0 mg/L
Potassium / 7.4 mg/L
Calcium / 81 mg/L
Magnesium / 7.8 mg/L
Sulphur / 0.2 mg/L
Sodium / 10 mg/L

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