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  • SureSpeed Humidifier Industrial 200 Pints 110V

SureSpeed Humidifier Industrial 200 Pints 110V



Company story

AGRICOVA was developed to meet the needs of commercial agriculture and horticulture cultivation.

The itself is a union of the words AGRICULTURE+NOVA.AGRICULTURE being “the science or practice of farming”and the cultivation of soil for the growing of crops”.NOVA being “a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness”.

AGRICOVA proudly distributes world-class brands such as AUVL,PHILIPS,VOSTERMANS Ventilation and more.With over ten years of intensive research and development, AGRICOVA ensures quality of both products and service to bring our customer success.

SureSpeed Commercial Dehumidifier



• Built-in water pump,removable washabl filter

• Innovative defrost technology operates 24h per day

• Heavy Robust housing with handle and wheels for convenient transport

•Digital control panel with timer function easy to use

• Max. 220-pint moisture removability at 86F/80% RH

• High airflow 560 CFM AT 0.6"

•3 Year Warranty


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