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LED Grow Lights

Looking for high quality LED grow lights at an affordable price online? Then you’re in luck, because Agricova is your source for LED’s. Whether you’re looking for supplemental lighting or you want to replace your H.I.D. system, we’ve got what you need to grow as big as you want with a fraction of the energy you’ll use with other lighting systems. Don’t bother hunting around your local hydro shops or building your own- let us take care of your lighting needs with our LED grow light kits.

We offer the latest and greatest units on the LED market. The Advanced Spectrum line of LED’s offer dual lens technology to give you intense, focused light down on to your grow with a good spread across your plants. They also have 1w and 3w chips in each diode for the power you want at the spectrum you need (and some lights are even equipped with Infrared diodes to help stimulate resin growth). The California Light Works line of lights offer both strong LED diodes as well as T5 fluorescent peripheral lights to help give your vegging and flowering plants an extra boost of blue light. Both LED’s also offer heat sync technology to help cool the light faster and more effectively than other lights on the market.

No matter what you’re trying to grow, we’ll set you up with the LED grow lights best suited for your garden. Need some lights to clone? Try a few 14w or a 50w LED panels above your starter cells to get those clones nice and tall. Those HID’s not covering your plants completely? Advance Spectrum 36w LED grow bulbs can be plugged in to a flood light socket, and placed anywhere around your plants that needs a little more light. And for anyone growing full-sizes plants, we’ve got an array of lights that’ll cover 4 feet of space and more!

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