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  • CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole
  • CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole
  • CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole
  • CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole
  • CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole

CastleGreens Grow Cube 4" x 4" x4" w/hole



CastleGreens Grow Cube


Product Details:

CastleGreens Grow Cube offers a versatile system that has multiple applications for those crops that require high water usage. Hydroponic seed germination and foliage plant propagation are good examples. This medium is designed to drain off excess water from the base of the cutting or seed, yet provide for the proper balance of air/water needed for good root development. CastleGreens Grow Cubes are commonly used for hydroponic lettuce, tomato, herb, and onion seed germination.

Product Features:

  • Inorganic & Sterile Growing Medium

CastleGreens Rockwool grow cubes are made from natural rock by high temperature melting, spun into fiber, and then compressed into specific size soft cubes, blocks, or slabs. Under the super high temperature, it is an Inorganic & Sterile growing medium, ensuring the plant is reliable

  • Provide the Plants a Good Environment

Porosity of more than 93%, water and air are evenly distributed. The nutrient solution reached the root system of the crops through Rockwool, good for plant growth. The water absorption rate of mass is above 800%. Water, fertilizer performance is good. No other devices are needed during the cultivation.

  • Widely Used, Easy To Use

Great for rooting, cuttings, clone plants, germination start seeds, and more. Strip, block for easy handling, can also be transplanted. Vegetables and flowers are grown with Rockwool, high yield, good quality, less pollution.

  • Lightweight & Easy To Move

Because it's light and fluffy, cubes will not soften after immersion. This can be used for stereo cultivation or balcony cultivation, still can be used for nursery. The ideal choice for standardized cultivation Greatly improved the utilization of space.

  • Protect and Improve the Living Environment

Inorganic inert matrix does not release chemical substances, easier to control PH and EC. No toxic and harmful substances, green, easy to recycle. The professional service team is ready for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product.

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