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  • Surespeed Commercial Dehumidifier 500 Pints 230V
  • Surespeed Commercial Dehumidifier 500 Pints 230V

Surespeed Commercial Dehumidifier 500 Pints 230V



SureSpeed Commercial Dehumidifier



The robust steel construction with a transport handle and big wheels can withstand a fair bit and can easily be transported to any operating site.

It is built with or optionally available condensate pump, ease of use to provide a Longer unattended dry keeping application. The SURESPEED®commercial dehumidifier can dramatically reduce moisture in the air that causes high humidity, deterioration, and mildew. It can be used in virtually any room in your house or office to protect sensitive electronic equipment or other materials.

• Efficiency meets Energy Star level 3.3L/kWh, Anti-corrosion
treated evaporator for chemicals and gas corrosive resistance

•Innovative Deep Sub Cooling(DSC) condenser effectively
guarantee the low energy consumption refrigeration power

• The electronic expansion valve (EEV) automatically adjusts
the condensation pressure of the refrigeration system
according to a different environment

• Optimized airflow path (OAP) technology to ensure better
ow condensation temperature

•High efficiency and durable Electrical Commutation (EC)
motor blower

• Remote controllable by 485 communication interface or
computer. Control through the mode bus protocol, up to 256
machines can be controlled at the same time (IP allocation)

•Compatible with *Honeywell H6062 programmable digital

•Built-in working status indicator, easy to operate

•5 Years Warranty and technical supports

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